Douglas Warren “Ready to Go”

Contributed by: Kara Johnson

Douglas Warren may be new on the country scene but from what we know already of his sound, he’s more than a country artist. He’s a blend of John Mayer and the bluesy electro sound of Sleeping At Last making him one of the most unique artists to date.

Warren will soon be celebrating the release of his debut EP, showcasing who he is as an artists and introducing himself to the world in the best way possible. The newcomer will be releasing his self-titled EP on August 6 featuring hit tracks like “Missin’ On You’ and ‘Say My Name.’ The EP as a whole reveal a unique side of Warren that you don’t see often from a newcomer. It’s a side that shows that the musician could have a long successful career in front of him.

"Ready to Go’ is a great track opener, and one that could be listened to with the windows down. Although a fun and catchy tune, the track itself doesn’t stand out amongst the rest. Although it’s not the best track on the self-titled debut EP, it’s still a track that could shine if it were a stand alone single.

‘Missin’ On You’ is a track that reminds the listener of a mid-tempo John Mayer song with a twist. The lyrics are exceptional, and the musicality is impressive. What deserves a standing ovation throughout the track is the vocal range Warren brings to the table. He lures the audience in with his pained voice wearing his emotions on his sleeve. It’s obvious through the raw vulnerability in his voice that the song portrays the story of a lover missing his girl, drowning out his sorrows with a bottle as he reminisces on the memories they once shared.

“Thinking about you and the love we had / the love we made / feeling kind of sad/ thinkin’ ‘bout you and the time we kissed / the very first dance / every little thing / I’m missin’ on you” he sings out in the chorus.

Rest assured, the track is a song that could take Warren’s career to great heights allowing it to reach its audience with lyrics that everyone can relate to at one time or another. It’s a great track for summer nights and reminiscing.

Another highlight off the album is the catchy, melancholy tune of ‘Say My Name’. It reminds us of a Sleeping At Last track. It pushes us into his personal life as he speaks of love, and letting the listener know that his lover helps him get through. ‘Say My Name’ could very well be the best track on the EP, and one that should be a radio hit.

The EP closes with the catchy tune ‘JOVON’. It may sound a little too familiar to the song ‘Believe Me,’ but it stands out the most, and is a good album closer leaving the audience wanting more than a 5 song EP. It displays his talent as it goes into unexpected curves, and has the most infectious chorus that we’ve heard from Warren.

Overall, Douglas Warren displays his true artistry through and through on his self-titled EP. Some songs will get lost in the shuffle but it’ important to know that most just like ‘Missin’ On You’ will shine as they should, giving Warren great potential for success.