Kayla Woodson’s Debut EP

Kayla Woodson

Kayla Woodson

Contributed by: Kara Johnson

When you’re chasing a dream in the music city capital of the world, it’s not always easy to get them to take notice. It takes a lot of hard work to impress the music world filled with A&R scouts, aspiring artists, writers, and so on. But that didn’t stop Louisiana native and country powerhouse Kayla Woodson. She’s well on her way of becoming her own, and its living proof in her self-titled EP, and her first release since moving to Music City in 2012.

Woodson kicks things off with her lead single “Fan for the Flame,” which gives off a sassy vibe of attitude, which is never a fault or hindrance when it comes to a woman in country music. You have to give sass and a little attitude to be in the industry, and Woodson displays that with great poise and a Miranda Lambert like attitude. “Fan for the Flame” is the perfect lead single and opening track for the 5 song EP, displaying bits and pieces of a country-rock and roll sound.

Following “Fan for the Flame,” Woodson slows things down with “Before It’s Too Late.” True artistry is thriving throughout the song when you hear the pain in the country girls voice. It seems that one can always say more when it’s just a voice and a guitar, and there is no exception when it comes to the story of a fling that fades away. “You can stop me / beg me not to go / love me / tell me what I wanna know / We can’t keep going on this way / You can break down on your knees and cry / we both know all the reasons why / it’s getting hard for me to stay / it’s all this pain that I can’t take / and I hope that you don’t wait / before it’s too late.”

The highlight of the album is the third track on the EP entitled “Last.” This is where her vocal range is displayed the most. It’s a simple track with powerhouse vocals displaying every inch of pain and questioning that makes the song what it is. But it’s not only pain and questioning, it’s a simple message of empowerment. “I’m done with being last/ not the second or first thing on your mind / I’m done with wonderin’ / what went wrong / how to make it right / ain’t a chance/ I’m slowing down and turning back / need to put you in the past / I’m done with being last” Woodson belts out in the chorus. “Last” is a hidden gem and certainly a beautiful one.

The last two tracks on the EP are a party, keeping the listener on the edge of their seat. “Tearin’ Up This Town (Party All Night)” is a fun summer anthem that one can listen to with the windows down. “Crushin” is the last track on the EP, a feel good song telling the story about Woodson crushing on a boy. It’s a great album closer, giving a dose of the Louisiana girls fun side.

Whether you’re up for attitude, vulnerability or a party, this EP is for you. She’s got a voice like Miranda Lambert, and potential for a successful career. Having had her hand in every aspect of the album, Woodson is confident it represents the artist she is today.
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