Mitchell Rose Gets Greedy On “Making Green”

Contributed by: Kara Johnson

When it comes to making your name known in pop music, it’s a hard task. It’s hard and it isn’t because you’re not talented. You could be the best pop artist to date but when you have competitors like Ariana Grand and Taylor Swift, the competition stiffens. But for Mitchell Rose, it doesn’t seem to bother him. In fact, he’s seems to be doing fine just being the artist he’s set out to be.

This is obvious with his newest single “Making Green”. Of course, he hasn’t reached the kind of success Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd or any of those have, but who’s to say he won’t? The single itself is infectious and catchy, allowing for it to get stuck in your head. It’s definitely a pop song that you could hear on the radio today and it would probably be in the hot 100.

The lyrical content is strong, although it could improve. But Rose is a new artist and he’s got great potential for something that could be be greatly successful in the future. It’s quite clever how he describes buying shiny things to cure the emptiness he feels inside. In fact, he makes sure the listeners knows that things can’t fulfill or satisfy. “My twisted fate / this life I’ve made / it don’t look like much / but there’s bang in my bank / Lord / please don’t let me fall again / please don’t let me fall / but I can’t help myself / again / I want it all,” he sings.

If Rose can continue honing his craft and creating infectious pop beats like “Making Green”, then he should have no problem beating the competition and pave his way to superstardom and success.

You can listen to “Making Green” now on Apple Music